Privacy Policy

As a current customer of Insurance by Design, LLC, we would like to take this opportunity to both thank you for your business and to share with you the importance our agency places upon protecting the privacy of information we gather from you in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.

Insurance by Design considers your privacy a serious matter and provides the following guidelines regarding our handling of confidential information.

We do not sell information regarding our customers under any circumstances. Private information regarding our customers is held in strict confidence and only persons involved in quotation, underwriting and customer account management processes are permitted to access such information. Prospective, current and former clients are afforded the same protection of confidential information by the staff and management of Insurance by Design.

Insurance by Design collects and maintains information necessary to provide premium quotations, meet underwriting guidelines, process claims and manage customer accounts and to advise customers of insurance products available from our firm that we believe may suit customer needs.

The information we collect and maintain includes that provided in-person, via the Internet, on the telephone and via facsimile for completion of premium quotations, insurance applications, payment and claims processing and customer account management. Some of the information maintained by the firm includes that gathered from outside sources including driving records, credit reports and claims history.

We share information about customers with resources necessary to provide premium quotations, meet underwriting guidelines, process claims and service customer needs.

Our Mission

"Provide uniquely dedicated quality insurance and risk management services in a professional manner with honesty, integrity, and accuracy. Our commitment to you is a complete range of protective services and solutions based on the individual needs of your company, and to provide support in a prompt and timely manner as needs arise."